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Investigators codecov 29k aprilsatterreuters

An investigation into the data breach revealed that million documents were stolen from the investigators’ database.

As a result of the breach

29k April has been identified as a member of the Hacking Team’s security team who was given the responsibility of investigating allegations of a breach in the organization’s internal network.

According to the inquiry, the hacker notified Hacking Team’s system administrators through email on April 29 about the data theft and requested money. The stolen materials were stored on a Dropbox account, which was linked to in the email. After receiving this email, Hacking Team’s security staff began scanning their systems for signs of intrusion. They also tried to get in touch with April, but she was apparently out of town.

No evidence of a breach in the Hacking Team’s networks was identified when our security specialists evaluated the stolen data. Unfortunately, April had apparently been tricked into exposing her credentials, which were then used to access her own email account. We believe the hacker gained access to April’s network by sending her an email with a malicious link or file, which she then opened, so damaging her laptop and granting the hacker access to the network.


April 29, 2019

The event that occurred in March 2019 is currently being investigated. There were over 5.1k lines of code in the April 29th release, compared to just 1.4K lines of code in the April 4th release, leading us to believe that at least one file critical to our test suite was purposefully modified, which would have an effect on performance.

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