Fishbrain Stockholm Based 12m 31m Consensus Asset

Fishbrain Stockholm Based 12m 31m Consensus Asset-featured

Adrigo Asset Management is one of the investing groups that has put money into the Stockholm-based software Fishbrain. The business has given the business money to create the app.

Adrigo Asset Management makes a fishbrain investment.

Adrigo Asset Management makes a fishbrain investment

Earlier this year, the social networking site Fishbrain, which links fisherman, received a $31 million investment from the Swedish asset management company Adrigo Asset Management. The business helps customers locate the greatest fishing spots and offers tidal and weather information. For individuals who are brand-new to fishing, the app is also beneficial. It gives advice on bait, weather predictions, and maritime mapping in addition to serving as a one-stop shop for all fishing-related inquiries.

The primary objectives of Fishbrain are to benefit its users and advance the fishing business. The program also seeks to teach users how to fish and aid in the development of their skills. Fishbrain provides a website with over 350 fishing brands in addition to the app. Additionally, it includes fish species identification and marine mapping. Additionally, it is in favor of fisheries that are sustainable and of catch and release.

B Capital Group and Softbank Ventures Asia were among the investors that expressed interest in the Fishbrain fundraising round. Additionally, family offices and institutional investors have provided capital to the business. The additional cash will increase the company’s sales and marketing efforts while also extending its presence in Sweden and Norway. Additionally, the money will be used to recruit workers abroad, especially in the United States. Stina Granberg, the new CFO, became a board member of Fishbrain.

The $2000 software from Fishbrain has 12 million users right now. Additionally, WIRED repeatedly called it the sexiest startup in Europe. Its primary objective is to improve fishing methods with a catch and release emphasis. The software incorporates trends in fishing innovation as well. It has furthermore been highlighted on the PitchBook website.

Fishbrain, a startup and small business with specific objectives, is one of the High-Potential building blocks in which Adrigo Asset Management has made a $31 million investment. Compared to the Nordic equities markets, the firm aims to provide excellent returns with minimal risk. The company makes investments in top financial and healthcare firms in addition to startups. It is governed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Fishbrain is one of three building blocks of the High-Potential building block that Adrigo Asset Management has invested in. The other two components are the newly formed Adrigo Small & Midcap L/S and East Capital Asset Management S.A., which combined with Gladiator. The Adrigo Small & Midcap L/S portfolio, which is a component of the High-Potential building block, has returned an annualized 26% since late 2017.

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The business raised money

A significant amount of financing was given to the Swedish sport fishing software Fishbrain earlier this year. The business said that it had received $31 million in capital from investors worldwide. Numerous investors, including B Capital Group, SoftBank Ventures Asia, Industrifonden, Northzone, and Adrigo Asset Management, announced the financing. The firm will be able to grow its user base and improve its sales and marketing staff thanks to the round of investment. The money will also enable the business to increase its exposure in Sweden and Norway.

Additionally, the cash will assist the business in bolstering its product and technical teams. Additionally, the business will be able to expand its workforce in Sweden, Europe, and the United States. New engineers, product managers, and marketing personnel will be among the new hires. Around 150 people are employed by Fishbrain globally. Additionally, Stina Granberg, a new chief financial officer, has been hired.

The business is actively developing a digital platform to assist experienced and newcomers to sport fishing. To aid customers in making better fishing choices, the firm makes marine maps, tidal patterns, and other information available to users. Its objective is to make fishing more widely available and pleasurable. Downloading the app from Google Play or the App Store is free.

A machine learning algorithm that incorporates data from several sources, such as weather, tidal patterns, and tides, powers the app. The machine learning program then anticipates the best time to capture a certain species after receiving data from users. Additionally, the business and C-Map have a partnership to provide depth maps.

The business is attempting to increase its user base across Norway and Europe. Additionally, they have added new employees to the leadership staff of the business. They appointed Maria Hedengren as their new head of product and Stina Granberg as their new chief financial officer. In addition, they added additional institutional and family office investors. The organization is now run by SoftBank Ventures Korea.

Adrigo Asset Management is another new partner the business has acquired. Fishermen can monitor weather and tide conditions using an app from this Swedish asset management business. Additionally, the business has invested in Fishbrain. The firm will be able to grow its user base and build its platform with the aid of this financing.

The business is now aiming to develop its platform into a world-wide fishing network that offers its consumers the greatest fishing knowledge. The goal of Fishbrain is to develop an online marketplace for fishing equipment and accessories. Additionally, they collaborate with the Florida Wildlife Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Aspira, a manufacturer of fishing gear, and Fishbrain have teamed to include their goods into the app. Fishbrain will be able to expand its user base and connect with new audiences thanks to this financing. The business is trying to grow in Norway and Sweden and has a manufacturing center in Stockholm, Sweden.

Important aspects of the app

You can identify the ideal fishing area with the Fishbrain app. Additionally, you get access to data about lakes, bait, and fish species. To interact with other people and exchange information, you may create private groups. More than 12 million individuals have downloaded the app, and there are more than 150 staff globally. Both iOS and Android smartphones may use it. Additionally, Fishbrain has a shop where you may purchase fishing supplies.

A new feature called Navionics has also been introduced by Fishbrain, giving the app cutting-edge cartography intelligence. This innovation will enhance the mapping of the waterbed, boosting angler vision. You have access to spot prediction, map choices, and depth contour labels. Navionics, a brand owned by Garmin, has incorporated its bathymetry technology into Mapbox, which powers the map display. By pressing on the layers symbol in the app’s top right corner, you may access this function.

With the money, Fishbrain will recruit personnel in the USA and Europe. The money will also be utilized to expand the customer base of the business. This will support Fishbrain’s continued product and marketing development. Additionally, the business wants to grow across Asia and Europe.

Additionally, Fishbrain wants to improve its community and social networking features. To make this easier, it will upgrade its app with extra functions. The business also intends to offer tools for anglers who are just starting out. They will have access to a fishing community. They may interact with others and form groups. Additionally, they will have access to fish evaluations.

The business also wants to increase the sustainability of fishing. The software will assist users in monitoring fish populations in lakes and endangered species. Additionally, it will provide customers weather predictions and advice on good bait. Additionally, you will be able to post pictures of your catch. You may use it to determine the ideal fishing season.

The business collaborates with well-known businesspeople to create fresh and enhanced fishing inventions. Institutional investors from Norway and Sweden formerly provided investment, and B Capital Group is now providing funding. Additionally, Northzone and Industrifonden have given it financing.

The top sport fishing app in the world is called Fishbrain. Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store both sell it. The program is available for free download, and it can be used to locate the greatest fishing areas. It may also be used to check the tides and get the weather information. You may learn what baits are most effective when. You may use the app to find dense fishing locations nearby.


In 2010, Jens Persson and Johan Attby established Fishbrain. It is a social networking site that offers fishing-related information. There are more than 13 million fishing places in its database. A place may be pinned and stored in the database. On the Fishbrain app, you can also form groups. Your interests are used to classify these groupings. Additionally, you may see and join other groups.

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