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Since it allows for the implementation of additional security and customization features directly from the WhatsApp code, WhatsApp Plus is an improved version of WhatsApp with extra features that will please even the most discerning users. However, you should be aware that it is not an official WhatsApp supported app. As a result, WhatsApp+ may offer certain benefits over the app’s licensed version as well as some drawbacks.

This Wasap mod is not accessible via the Google Play or Apple App Stores since it is an unauthorized version. Despite this, WhatsApp blue may be downloaded from dependable sources. Here, we’ll go through everything WhatsApp Plus has to offer. You can quickly and for free download the app’s most recent version, 2022, from this page.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

Several WhatsApp+ features are worth emphasizing, as we’ve previously mentioned:

Additional privacy

With this version, you may block certain contacts while allowing others to view your profile picture, as well as prevent things like the double blue check, your “online” status, or the latest connection time.

Censor messages

WhatsApp Plus Apk

There are times when you just need a break and, without officially banning them, don’t want to access the conversations of certain people. In this situation, you have the option to ban the conversations, which will prevent them from appearing in the window but still allow them to place calls.

Extra emoji

WhatsApp Plus Apk

Weary of the same old emotes? With this edition, you may buy brand-new ones to spice up your talks. Of course, for them to be visible to the other party, WhatsApp Plus must be installed. Additionally, sharing your stickers as you did on WhatsApp won’t be an issue.

Certain Topics

In addition to the ones that are included by default, you will be able to submit themes for the app’s backdrop and interface, combining colors and tones to suit your preferences. Set yourself out from your peers with unique themes!

Stop sending and receiving conversations.

You may easily undo talks you’ve previously read so the other person won’t know whether you’ve read them or not. You can even cancel messages that have already been sent. When sending and receiving messages, you will have more privacy and security doing it this way.

HD photos and movies that are large

You won’t need to worry if you transmit particularly huge files with WhatsApp Plus since the 50Gb maximum limit is more than adequate for the majority of your demands. If you want to save a lot of space, you may choose to compress your movies. The photographs are delivered at their highest resolution possible, preventing the quality reduction that is so typical of official WhatsApp. Your statuses are the same.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Plus

In comparison to the previous version, using this app clearly offers the following advantages right away:

Additional features: As you’ve previously seen, you may utilize a variety of settings to personalize your experience when talking with your pals, including new emoticons, more themes, etc.

Much more private: It focuses on you, the user, being able to conceal your online status and other settings to safeguard your privacy, unlike the original WhatAspp (often called wasap or guasap).

Multi-accounts: It enables you to communicate, for instance, between a business and a personal account without losing your mind playing Sims.

Cons of use WhatsApp Plus

How could it be otherwise? Using our program, which is still a hack, comes with dangers; we list them below for your consideration.

You have no assurance; the creators will not be held liable if using this software causes harm to your phone.

Little privacy: Despite the fact that it is incredibly private for certain things, you do not really know where your messages end up since they do not pass via WhatsApp.

Your account may be blocked by them. And since the app uses their servers in some way or another, they are always looking to see whether users are abusing them. If they do block you, it will undoubtedly only last a few days.

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus variations

There are noticeable distinctions between them even though they are quite similar and sometimes you won’t be able to tell them apart at first glance:

Possibilities for customization include the ability to alter the app’s colors and menu, which completely depart from the original WhatsApp.

Other features: Removes the weight restriction on files and gives you access to additional settings like masking your status and others.

Official Store: Since neither the PlayStore nor the AppStore provide the Plus edition, you will need to download the installation other websites.

Open source: Unlike the Plus, the original WhatsApp app cannot be updated. This offers the benefits we have already highlighted, but it also poses a security risk.

Legality: It should go without saying that WhatsApp Plus is illegal since it is a modified version of the original software, and using it has dangers.

Security: Additionally, since it’s not a legitimate version, you’re more vulnerable to hacking or legal issues.

WhatsApp Plus Blue: What is it?

Due to its distinctive blue symbol, WhatsApp Plus has merely earned the moniker despite the fact that both products are identical. As a result, we’ve provided instructions below on how to receive the updated app for free.

How to set up the authentic WhatsApp Plus

  • Download the APK from our website first, then follow these instructions.
  • Go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources > OK to enable rights to use third-party applications.
  • Search for the downloaded APK file, click it, and the installation will start.
  • Ready!

Can I install WhatsApp Plus on my iPhone?

Yes, however installing the software requires jailbreaking your iPhone first. In conclusion, you will require:

  • your Apple device with a backup.
  • Use the right tool to jailbreak it.
  • To subsequently download and install WhatsApp Plus, install Cydia.
  • Considering that WhatsApp is a customized program, keep in mind that they could ban your account.

Prerequisites for WhatsApp Plus newest version

There aren’t many differences between the regular WhatsApp and the WhatsApp Plus APK. As a result, there aren’t any particularly strict prerequisites to have it on our cellphone. Do you want to know what you need to do to quickly and conveniently download WhatsApp+? Here’s what we say:


Version current: 19.35.12

Weight: 61 MB

Compatible with Android 4.4 and above

Delete WhatsApp Plus: Steps

The process is the same as with any other application. Find the app icon, click it while holding it down, and then choose “uninstall.” You have the choice to either delete all related multimedia material or leave it on the mobile device while doing this.

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