What is NORSTRAT, Its purpose, and its services?

What is NORSTRAT, Its purpose, and its services-featured

Ever questioned what North Street is and what its duties are? NORSTRAT can help you plan and build your company development plans more quickly, therefore if you wish to own a business, you should be aware of its goals and services. is or is capable of removing roadblocks that are impeding the expansion of your company.

Describe Norstrat

The Canadian Northern Strategy is being implemented in phases, and Norstrat was created expressly to assist its clients with those tasks. Lee Carson, the CEO of this consulting firm, secured more than $200 million in Canadian contracts. The company’s primary area of concentration is on big infrastructure projects financed by the government.


Together with Canadian government representatives, the armed services created Norstrat in 2010. It began with a modest office in Canada at first, and then it grew to the United States. Since then, it has offered worldwide clients digital marketing plans for their goods, public relations efforts, and required telecoms marketing services.

Additionally, it offers assistance to those who are new to the particular industry. With its famous specialists who are masters in campaign strategy and business growth, its primary goal is essentially to direct and support the firms that are leading in design and development.

Services Provided by the Business

Norstrat offers a wide range of services, such as public relations, digital marketing, and food and beverage PR (SMO). They consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Project description and management support
  • Training of strategic business development
  • Recording and bid support
  • Description of purchase strategy
  • Description of performance requirements
  • Memorandum to cabinet
  • Demonstration of story expertise
  • Strategic advice on one’s Northern Strategy campaign
  • Marketing research, strategy, and identity design
  • Digital consulting

Hill & Knowlton Strategies and Norstrat have a strategic alliance that enables Norstrat access to over 400 community service experts. It has aided several excellent businesses in quickly achieving their objectives.

It also provides professional development seminars, business training programs, franchise and entrepreneurship programs, and leadership training programs. The trainees may use these programs to assist them decide for themselves whether they want to follow a specific job or not. They stay updated on new advances in their area of expertise. With the use of structured lessons and hands-on activities, they also aid in the improvement of their soft skills. Over time, they learn how to effectively manage their time and workload.

The firm also provides a language-specific edition of FINVIZ, although most people’s leagues are covered by the free version, which also has a ton of information.

Technology used by Norstrat includes jQuery Migrate, GoDaddy DNS, Google Font API, WordPress, and others. It created a mechanism that made it feasible for the oil firms to collect as much oil and gas resources as they could from under the ocean’s surface. The business also unveiled a brand-new underwater search technology that makes use of satellite images to obtain a better look at the desired locations. It is now in the process of contracting several military products from the private sector. It has evolved into a crucial support system for public health personnel.

Agency advertising services

You have access to the marketing analysis tools we’ve developed in response to your commercials and may use them to find areas for improvement thanks to the brand metrics software program from the NPD organization.

Users consent to their usage, and Norstrat Inc. is free to apply for a grant from the organization, which has worked with a number of nonprofits.

What changes may Nor Street make to your business?

There are several ways that consulting may benefit your business. They provide a wide range of alternatives and viewpoints that may assist you in managing different tasks. North Street has you covered whether you just need a sound strategy or recommendations on public relations or government relations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What precisely does Norstrat do?

The major aim of Norstrat is to assist those who have specific commercial objectives in developing the necessary infrastructure for the North and contributing to Canada’s Northern Strategy. They do this by giving up their resources and knowledge and putting their whole selves into the client’s achievement.

Where is Norstrat headquartered?

Norstrat is headquartered in Ottawa, which is a perfect location for it to share space with the other federal ministries and organizations with Northern-related mandates and authorities. They service their clientele there as well as in Canada, the United States, and more lately, Europe.

 How does Norstrat assist its customers?

They do this by educating their customers on the Northern Strategy of the Government and the areas that provide business prospects. By imparting their experience and expertise on the particular challenges and possibilities involved with creating infrastructure in Canada’s north, they also assist customers in identifying and gaining access to the key important players.

Last Words

Everyone wants their business to be as profitable as possible and to establish specific, attainable goals. Norstrat is a firm that can assist you in achieving these goals and moving closer to your targets.

A lot of other businesses throughout Canada and the United States have grown thanks to their workers’ skills and state-of-the-art technological tools. Do not be reluctant to become their customer if you believe they are the ideal fit to assist you in creating your strategy and improving communications. Doing so will help you advance your company.

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