Loranocarter + mansfield: A Match Made in Heaven

Loranocarter + mansfield

Loranocarter + mansfield:

A group of old men are sitting around a table, smoking and chatting. He reveals that he located his perfect match at an antique shop. He insists that he cannot let go of his feelings for her.

This second story was sparked by a line from a romance book about two young people who fell in love after meeting at a flea market:

It’s insane, I know, but I can’t get you out of my head.

In the first chapter, we meet Carter and his future wife, who happens to be pregnant with the couple’s second kid. He can’t stop thinking about her, despite the fact that their relationship is in shambles.

One night, he had a dream in which he makes out with her and wakes up remembering the scenario. After giving it some thought all day, he decides that if he wants to repair their relationship, he must tell her he loves her in the morning, before she leaves for work.

Is it not obvious that I adore you?

Someone who makes a remark to you isn’t just trying to impress you with their oratory talents. You’re important to them, and they want you to know it. A man should be careful while using this remark to pursue a woman he has affections for due of its ambiguity.

It’s really important that when we show love for another individual, we do it freely and truthfully (and vice versa).

“Maybe if we’re both extremely kind to one other, we can make it work.”

This conversation is taking place between two people who love each other and want to be together. They’re talking about how much they care for one another and how much better their relationship might be if they were to be really kind to one another.

The conversation goes from hopeful to gloomy as it goes on, with each character making heartfelt promises and commitments punctuated with less-than-ideal remarks (such Mansfield saying, “maybe if we’re really, really good to one another…”).

You have my whole being in you. In my eyes, you are the centre of the universe.

It may be a woman’s voice.

My faith in you is unwavering. My world is quite similar to yours if I were to define it.

The guy seems like he’s really listening.

Indeed, that is the case. I’m with you no matter what,” he assures you with a nod. Trust me when I say this: No one else will be able to stand in the way of our being together.

What follows is a passage from a narrative about two young people who fall in love after meeting at a flea market.

Lana Carter was looking for a certain article of apparel, and after searching the racks, she was frustrated because she couldn’t find it. She was drenched from the waist down in spite of wearing her favourite yellow shirt and pants, but the Mansfield, Ohio (population: 36) flea market had not yielded any desirable finds. T-shirts and sweaters, the very minimum, would have been OK. Because I just needed a new wardrobe for the times my boyfriend takes me out on Saturdays.

I was looking at the same rack of dresses, Jason Mansfield said.

No of the kind, it’s most critical that we find a solution that satisfies both of us in terms of comfort and aesthetics.


The following is an excerpt from a story about two young people who meet during a yard sale and fall in love. The young man, Jason Mansfield, need some updated weekend wear. Anything was comfortable enough for him to wear out with his girlfriend on Saturday nights was OK with him. He was browsing the products at the swap fair in Mansfield, Ohio, when he saw a classic record player (population 36).

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