Leydis Serrano Biography, Husband, Kids, Age, Height, Net worth

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Who is Leydis Serrano?

A famous family member from Cuba named Leydis Serrano is well-known for being Jorge Carlos Soler Castillo’s lover. Jorge is a Major League Baseball outfielder who was born in Cuba and goes by the name Jorge Soler. At the time, he is an MLB player with the Atlanta Braves.

I’ll cover Leydis Serrano’s work, age, birthday, partner, siblings, net worth, and a few more facts about her in this post that you probably didn’t know. But, let’s take a brief look at her profile before moving on.

Leydis Serrano Biography

Leydis Serrano, well-known for being Jorge Carlos Soler Castillo’s partner in Major League Baseball, was born in her native Cuba sometime in the early or late 1990s.

Leydis Serrano, along with her other siblings, spent her early years in Cuba where she was born and reared. Whatever the case, Leydis and her husband Jorge Soler, a Cuban native, currently reside in the United States.

Leydis Serrano Education

Serrano attended neighborhood schools in her native Cuba for elementary and high school. She, in a sense, got her elementary school and high school diplomas from there.

Although it’s certainly true, Leydis hasn’t provided any information on her academic training. So, we are unsure if she continued her studies and attended college.

Leydis Serrano Career

Leydis Serrano hasn’t made information about her profession public as she does with most other aspects of her life. But from what we could tell, Jorge Soler, her spouse, plays baseball. He now represents the Atlanta Braves in the outfield and was born in Cuba (MLB).

Leydis Serrano Age, Birthday, Nationality

Leydis Serrano was believed to be between the ages of 25 and 30 when this story was last updated and published on our website, Thrill NG.

Jorge, her spouse, was born next to her on February 25, 1992, in Havana, Cuba. On February 25, he commemorates his birthday; he was 30 years old at the time.

Leydis is a young woman born in Cuba who now resides in the United States of America with her husband and two children.

Leydis Serrano Kids, Children

Leydis Serrano Biography, Husband, Kids, Age, Height, Net worth

Leydis has two kids and has been married to her charming spouse Jorge Soler for almost five years. She had them as a boy and a girl with her spouse Jorge Soler.

Jorley Soler is the name of her son, and Leysa is the name of her daughter.

Leydis Serrano Husband

As we said previously, Leydis Serrano’s husband goes by the name of Jorge Carlos Soler Castillo, also known as Jorge Soler. Importantly, the couple has been wed for more than five years.

Leydis Serrano Height, Weight

Leydis stands at around 5 feet. Leydis’ weight characteristics are secret, thus we were unable to obtain specifics about them. Instead, we gathered information about her body type.

She, therefore, has blonde hair and eyes that are dark brown in tone. She is of Caucasian ethnicity and has a pale complexion.

Leydis Serrano’s Net worth

There was no estimate of Leydis Serrano’s wealth at the time. The estimated net worth of her spouse, Jorge Carlos Soler Castillo, is $3 million. He acquires his wealth from his profession in the sports sector as a basketball player.

Also, Jorge Soler, the spouse of Leydis, reportedly inked an $8 million one-year deal with the Kansas City Royals, according to Spotrac.

According to recent research, Jorge Carlos Soler Castillo, Leydis’ spouse, committed to the Chicago Cubs on June 11, 2012, for a nine-year deal for roughly $30.

Leydis Serrano Nationality

For the first time in her life, Leydis Serrano opened her lovely eyes in Cuba. Leydis Serrano seems to be in her late 30s in 2023. Leydis, a citizen of both Cuba and the United States, belongs to the white racial category.

Leydis Serrano Relationship

Leydis Serrano is wed to Jorge Soler, a baseball player. The couple just married and welcomed two children into the world after a lengthy romance. Two kids were born to Jorge Soler and Leydis Serrano. On July 21, they celebrated the birthday of his daughter, Leysa, who is her daughter.

Leydis Serrano Instagram

On Instagram, Leydis Serrano keeps up a presence. She isn’t afraid to talk about her personal life on the well-known social networking site. By using the login “leydissoler12,” you can locate her. She offers a lot of information on her Facebook page, where she has more than 7,300 followers.

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