How to return PS4 and PS5 Games to the Playstation Store for a Refund


These days, there aren’t many opportunities to play a game before buying it, so occasionally you’ll buy one from the PlayStation Network that’s a complete dud. Yes, you could continue to play it and hope that it gets better. Alternately, you may submit a refund request to the PlayStation Store, receive your money back, and then spend it on a game you genuinely like.

Understanding PlayStation’s and Sony’s refund policies is crucial. They provide a large 14-day return policy, although there are restrictions based on the sort of content.

Understanding the PlayStation Refund Policy

The refund policy for PlayStation appears liberal at first glance. It takes a long time to return a digital game—two weeks from the date of purchase. There is a significant catch, though.

“Unless the purchased content is defective, you will not be eligible for a refund if you have started to download or stream the content.”

Games and Add-ons

This implies that you cannot exchange a game for one you like. In reality, the only good reason to return a fully downloaded game is if it is broken. The majority of games are tested before they are released, though. The only significant example of this is Cyberpunk 2077, which changed PlayStation’s return policy as a result of how many people disliked it.

However, some PS4 titles may not be backward compatible with a PS5 console or vice versa due to the present cross-gen transition phase. That qualifies as “non-functional” and entitles you to a refund.

The same applies to add-on content like season passes or in-game consumables.


There are modest variations in subscriptions. You have up to 14 days to ask for a refund if you purchase a subscription and discover that you do not like it (for instance, a battle pass for a game with onerous prerequisites). Depending on how often you used the service, PlayStation may lower the return amount.


Even if you pre-ordered a game months in advance, you may always cancel it and get a refund up until the game’s release date. On the other hand, if you preordered the game less than two weeks before it launches, it follows the same policies as regular game purchases and gives you two weeks to cancel.

How to return a Game

It’s not as easy to return a game as just choosing it from the PlayStation menu. To get assistance, you must speak with PlayStation Support. Keep in mind that refunds are sometimes given on a case-by-case basis. Even if you’ve already begun playing something, there’s a chance a representative will offer you a refund if you explain the circumstance.

Here’s how to return a game if you know you want a refund (maybe a sibling bought it or it’s not what you thought it was).

Firstly, access the PlayStation Support page.

  1. Choose if you want to refund games, subscriptions, or preorders.
  2. Press the Contact PlayStation Support option.
  3. Choose Refunds & PS Store.
  4. Particular PlayStation Store returns.
  5. Choose Live chat.
  6. After entering your first and last names, click Start Chatting.
  7. A chatbot will question you if you are the owner of the PSN account that was charged before you can speak to a human. Pick Yes.
  8. Decide which category of content you wish to refund.
  9. Determine why you want a refund.

The bot will ask additional questions in response to your response. You will speak with a real agent once you have responded to all the questions. If there isn’t a live agent available, the bot will give you a Support ID number that you must remember until you can speak with a live agent.

You should get a complete refund if a game satisfies the requirements. The only option available for a PlayStation Store purchase, it’s not as simple as certain refund policies, such those from Xbox or Amazon.

PlayStation usually returns the funds to the original payment method. Some payment methods, however, do not permit this. Money vouchers, Bancontact, and Paysafecard are a few of these. The money is usually returned to your PSN Wallet in these circumstances.

Several cautions. Online resources suggest that if you can’t get a PS Store refund, you can request a chargeback on your credit card. Don’t do it. Your account will be suspended and all of your digital stuff will be lost if you do this.

In a perfect world, PlayStation would follow Steam’s lead and offer refunds. A game may be returned within 14 days if you play for less than two hours. This isn’t the case, regrettably. Watch what you buy. Before making a purchase, read reviews and use refund requests sparingly. The likelihood that PlayStation Store representatives will assist you increases as you request fewer refunds.

Refunding From the PS4 or PS5

The PS4 or PS5’s web browser should allow you to accomplish the same task. It isn’t simple, though, because there isn’t a button in the console interface to take you to the refund page; you have to find it on your own.

Searching for “PlayStation refund” in the search engine is the quickest approach to find the site. The following page ought to appear:


Otherwise, you can go to the PlayStation Support page and use the menu to search for the option to request a refund, as in:

To request a refund, you must yet click the button and then converse with the chatbot as usual. However, we advise doing it on your computer.

Refunding a PlayStation Plus Subscription

You won’t get your money back if you cancel a subscription. Instead, you must proceed in the same manner as before.

  1. Visit the Refund page, engage the chatbot there, and mention that you want to cancel a membership.
  2. The following query is: “How many days have passed since the purchase?” If you’re unsure, you could wish to check your transaction history. Here, we’ll show you how to go about it.
  3. Next, remember your request ID and click the button to get in touch with the chat.
  4. You can reset the chat by clicking the cross button in the upper right corner if you make a mistake or want to make another request at any point during the procedure.   Read more..ps4-and-ps5-games

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