How to Reset EasyPaisa Blocked Pin Code Updated 2023 (100% Working Methods)

How to Reset EasyPaisa Blocked Pin Code Updated 2023

These days, everyone uses their bank accounts, e-wallets like JazzCash and EasyPaisa Wallet, or both to make purchases online. Keeping track of all your passwords is an arduous process. It’s a given that you can use the EasyPaisa Wallet to pay your utility bills online.

Recently, I was unable to use my EasyPaisa Wallet since I had forgotten my PIN and repeatedly entered the incorrect password. This post will explain how to unblock an EasyPaisa account and retrieve the associated pin number. In this article, we will go through two reliable and easy ways to change your EasyPaisa wallet’s PIN in 2023:

Reset EasyPaisa Pin Code Via the Official app

Contact Agent Via Telephone.
Use the Official App to Change Your EasyPaisa Wallet PIN
It’s simple to change your EasyPaisa wallet PIN with the service’s official mobile app; just follow the steps outlined here.

To use EasyPaisa, use the official app.
Put in the secret number
Enter the menu for the configurations
To access my profile, please click here.
Locate the Variable That Will Cause a Change Security code selection for your EasyPaisa account
Put in the old PIN number.
Please change your PIN and re-enter it for verification.
Input the CNIC, and then proceed.

To begin, use the official EasyPaisa app and input the login PIN. Select “my account” from the “settings” menu. The next step is to locate the menu item labeled “Change EasyPaisa account pin code.”

In the first box, you’ll need to enter the current PIN, and in the second, you’ll need to enter the new PIN that you’re creating. After entering the CNIC, the new PIN must be confirmed in the third box before you may move on.

EasyPaisa Wallet PIN Code Reset Official App Screenshot.
Following this, if you hit the okay button, your EasyPaisa wallet’s PIN will be reset. Your pin code must be easily memorized and your pin reader must be in good working order for this approach to succeed.

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Via Calling Representative

The EasyPaisa wallet app’s “blocked pin code” problem necessitates a contact to the EasyPaisa support line. The EasyPaisa wallet’s PIN cannot be changed or created. The EasyPaisa app has a verification process that begins with a phone call to the company.

You can unblock your EasyPaisa account by following the representative’s specific instructions.

Download and launch EasyPaisa.
Key in the security code
A notification saying “Blocked PIN” will be shown.
Dial 3737 if you need to talk to us. If you are a subscriber of Telenor,
Select the second choice (Other Mobile Operator).

If your pin code is still valid after opening the official app, there is no need to reset it. However, please contact 3737 if you continue to see blocked pin issues (Only for Telenor users).

Image courtesy of “Via Calling to Representative”
In addition, the second number is for EasyPaisa wallet users on other networks like Jazz, Zong, or Ufone who need to reset their PIN. Click the second number on the official EasyPaisa app to reach the hotline.

Listen carefully to the EasyPaisa wallet software agent’s every instruction. The following are examples of questions they may ask, so be prepared with answers:

Please identify yourself with your name and CNIC number.
One’s birth date
What was your mom’s name?
Origin city.
You’ll get a new PIN and a confirmation message on your phone after verification. Your new PIN number should not be connected to your previous PIN in any way (same digits, different sequence). Your PIN will be declined if you try to use it elsewhere.

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I trust you now know how to delete a banned or regular EasyPaisa pin. Only recently did I encounter this problem, and with the aid of the strategies we discussed, I was able to resolve it. Please use the space below to let us know if you know of a better way to reset your EasyPaisa pin code. Your attention is appreciated.Read more;

How To Reset Easypaisa Pin Code

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