How to Increase EasyPaisa Wallet Limit? Updated 2023 (100% Working Methods)

Increase EasyPaisa Wallet Limit

One of the most popular ways to send money to friends and family in Pakistan is through the EasyPaisa service. EasyPaisa has limits on the amount you can send.

If you want to transfer more than 25,000 PKR per day with EasyPaisa, you’ll need to upgrade your account from Level 1 to Level 2. Due to EasyPaisa’s tiered account structure, transferring funds in 2023 will be possible between just two tiers:

First-Level EasyPaisa Accounts (Semi-verified)
Stage 2 EasyPaisa Account (Verified).

Please let me clarify the different tiers of EasyPaisa: at tier 1, you have a daily limit of 25,000 PKR, a monthly limit of 50,000, and an annual limit of 200,000. Recent changes allow us to use the term “Semi-verified Account.”

Level 2 users of EasyPaisa, also known as “Verified Accounts,” are able to send and receive 50,000 PKR per day, 200,000 PKR per month, and 1,200,000 PKR per year.

The co-founder of CocoLoan, Sarah Ross, has said that simple paisa is a widely utilized online mobile wallet used to send and receive payments within Pakistan. This is another well-known online service for sending money to Pakistan. Easy paisa starts you off with a little balance, but you can increase it whenever you choose. In addition, your EasyPaisa wallet can be connected to your Telenor Microfinance Bank account. Before proceeding, you must first open an account at Telenor Microfinance Bank. To apply for a loan from the Telenor Microfinance Bank, you must bring proof of identity and proof of income to the branch location nearest you.

How to Check Sending/Receiving daily Limit in EasyPaisa in 2023?

If you want to know what your daily sending and receiving limits are in EasyPaisa, you can quickly and easily find out by following these steps:

Get the EasyPasia app and fire it up.
A Password Must Be Entered.
To see your account details, go to “My Account” and then “Account information.”
Check the bottom to see how far it goes.


Get the EasyPasia app and key in the Password. To see your account details, head to “My Account” and then “Account Information.” The daily maximum for sending and receiving messages will be specified.

Checking Your Daily Sending and Receiving Limit in EasyPaisa Since I only recently signed up for EasyPaisa, I only have access to the basic features. My EasyPaisa account has a low balance, therefore I can only send a small amount at a time.

Using a small sum from my EasyPaisa account, I uploaded an image.

You may also view more information about your EasyPaisa account, including your International Bank Account Number (IBAN), EasyPaisa Account Level, available funds, and the daily, monthly, and annual restrictions for your EasyPaisa Wallet.

Learn more about the Easypaisa OTP Not Fetching Problem here.

How to Increase EasyPaisa Wallet Limit in 2023?

Visiting a Telenor franchise with your original CNIC is all it takes to increase your EasyPaisa wallet limit. Biometric data will be used to confirm your identification before they boost your EasyPaisa Wallet’s spending limit. Be sure to include accurate details.

Connecting your EasyPaisa wallet to your Telenor Microfinance bank account is another option. First, you’ll need to sign up for a Telenor Microfinance account. Visiting a local Telenor Microfinance Bank and supplying accurate details about your name and financial situation is a prerequisite for receiving a loan. Please make sure to include the following details:

Affiliation with the First CNIC Income Source
Current Electric Bill Please Provide a Copy.
Link your EasyPaisa wallet to your Telenor Microfinance bank, according to this image source.

They will check your information and make you an official account that you may link to your EasyPaisa money.


I trust you now know how to raise the EasyPaisa account maximum. Recently, I opened an account with EasyPaisa and used the aforementioned techniques to boost my wallet’s capacity. You can use the comment section to ask any content-related questions you might have.

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