23 pages to download complete music discs

23 pages to download complete music discs-Featured

If you know how to access the correct websites, you may download whole music albums for free. These websites should provide you with a vast library of artists, the ability to download your favorite songs’ audio in a variety of formats, a wide variety of musical genres, the greatest audio quality, etc. Don’t pass up the chance to listen to your favorite music online, stream basic songs, or even free download whole albums from the greatest sites for doing so.

23 pages to download whole albums of music

There are several websites where you may legally and for free listen to music. You may download a variety of free music-downloading applications on your smartphone as well. In addition to being useful for us on a daily basis, a solid playlist also benefits content producers.

such a way? For instance, having a list of the finest YouTube music download sites, even those without copyright, solves a major issue for many YouTubers looking for good music. Do you prefer the Torrent more often? Don’t worry, we also provide a guide on using Torrent to obtain free music.

Do you want to stream music for free? From your house or out in public? Without further ado, here are the 23 major websites where you may legally and for free download whole albums. These sites are also highly regarded by fans of quality music.

The advantage is that you will get the whole album rather than just the individual songs. The benefit is that all you have to do is click play to start listening to each song from the same disc one after the other without any breaks.


song downloader

One of the greatest locations to listen to and download music or whole albums is Tidal, which makes the claim that it offers the best streaming audio on the market. The website has a large selection of music in a wide range of genres and high sound quality. There are more than 250,000 videos and more than 60 million titles posted on the site, but because Jay-Z owns it, Rap has a lot of benefits.


Another website where you can free download and listen to music is Bandcamp. From the lesser-known to the most well-known performers, you may join for free here. You may further personalize your room by choosing your own downloaded music collection.


As MP3.com is one of the oldest websites in the sector, it should come as no surprise that it has the biggest database of all websites. Here, you may download not just individual songs but whole albums to listen to on your device or computer while you’re offline.


While Freesound is not the finest website for accessing the most recent and popular music, it does provide a variety of free sounds across all genres and the option to download whole albums.


The contemporary equivalent of Myspace is Soundcloud. On this website, everything is free, but you must pay for additional features. The website has music from every genre, including jazz, pop, and R&B as well as classical. After you’ve enrolled, you may make your own playlist and listen to it as much as you want. Also, there are iOS and Android applications that let you upload or download full discs.

online music

During a 3-month trial period, YouTube Music is offering a music streaming service that includes offline, ad-free listening and downloading of albums and songs. Following that, you will be required to pay €9.99 per month.


The finest one-click method to download all entire music CDs is Youtubebyclick. Contrary to popular belief, YoutubeByClick is much more than simply a straightforward YouTube downloader.


A website called JDownloader allows you to continuously download any CDs or music you like. You may download files from several locations on YouTube using this website. Because of this, you may just copy a YouTube URL to get JDownloader to download the whole playlist’s music in MP3 format.


One of the most well-known music-related websites, Jamendo offers free music and albums for download. Discover the newest styles, genres, and trends in music.

4U Public Domain

You may find the greatest music from your favorite artists, genres, and artist entire albums for download on Public Domain 4U’s enormous internal music collection. There is also a sizable selection of the most recent playlists available.


A listening website called Qobuz has chosen to provide streaming in high quality. It’s a French website that provides up to 29 albums of music in HD quality for free download. The three file types that are available to users on this website are Studiomaster, Lossless, and MP 320 Kbps.


Another place where you can get the whole album for free to listen to anytime and wherever you want is BeeMp3s. Discover music quickly and easily here that you won’t find on other websites.

The security certifications have expired, thus even though it seems that the site is down, you may still enter if you click on more information > enter in a non-secure mode.


As long as it’s music, Spotify can help you find what you’re searching for. You have the option of a free, very constrained, or expensive solution with numerous options.

You must register on their website in order to download your records into the streaming music player in order to listen to music on TV, tablets, and smartphones. Millions of music, including playlists, are already accessible on Spotify, but you may also add your own favorites.


Deezloader is a fairly simple utility that enables you to download music from Deezer directly in 320 kbps MP3 and FLAC formats, including whole albums with cover art and information. You may download whole albums using its user-friendly interface, which enables you to search by author or name.


Another well-known service for downloading songs and whole albums, Audionautix is renowned for providing a range of music to fit every mood. The website Audionautix is one to take into consideration if you’re seeking for one that provides a sizable selection of music in addition to the most recent headlines.

Amazon Music

On the other hand, you must visit Amazon Music Unlimited, which has a selection of 50 million titles, if you want to download a whole album that includes the most recent music news (in short, all the titles in the world). But if you already have Prime, you’ll have to pay €9.99 each month (or €99 annually). Also, there are no ads on this website, and all Alexa devices support offline listening.

Music on Amazon Prime (free but limited)

You may get Amazon Prime Music for free if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription and pay €49 per year for product delivery in less than 24 hours. In other words, 2 million really old books without a fee for the addition.

You may use Alexa to utilize voice commands to listen to your free albums or a specific tune while offline. There are obnoxious commercials, so don’t expect to discover the newest Beyoncé or Rihanna album there.


You may use this website to look for free downloads of your favorite albums and songs. Your tracks will be located by the Lidarr system, which will then categorize them and rename them. You may also modify the files’ quality to one with higher sound quality with this program.


One of the simplest free MP3 search engines online is undoubtedly Mp3Juices. It is simple to use, and its primary function is to locate several sources for your search, whether it’s for a specific song or a whole album.


You may use MP3Jam to download MP3 from YouTube videos and whole DVDs. Just input the name of the CD into the software’s very simple but effective interface, and it will show the results culled from the YouTube content database. You have the option of downloading the MP3 or starting the song online. A library of more than 20 million songs is at your disposal.


With this tool, you may look for and download MP3 songs and whole albums from the Internet for free. Browse 100 million songs of music and take advantage of free MP3 downloads! Music2PC provides you the most access possible to a library of high-quality mp3 music thanks to an extremely quick and safe MP3 collection technology. Search and free download from more than 100 million MP3s.


Hip-Hop, EMO, metal, hardcore, and any other genre you desire to download songs or whole albums from are all available on Stereokiller.

The site seems to be inactive as of October 10, 2021, even if the domain has not yet been revoked.


YouTube videos may be downloaded and converted to MP4, AVI, MPEG, and MP3 files on your computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, PSP, mobile phone, DVD, or MP3 player using the free program Yt1s.com.

It is still in operation, but you must use a VPN to access it since it only allows access from select nations.

Regular inquiries

Where can I download whole albums?

You may download the whole albums and records of your favorite musicians and bands from safe and insecure domains. Among the most notable are these:

  • iMusic
  • Jamendo
  • free music download
  • com
  • BeeMP3s
  • mp3juices
  • audionautix
  • stereokiller

How can I download an album from You Tube?

On the YouTube Music app, go to the menu and choose the download option when you are in a playlist or album. The CD may then be downloaded to your mobile device.

Where can I get music that has a cover?

Many customers want both the disc and the disc cover art. The following platforms make it possible:

  • Music Addict
  • Music Mp3 Download
  • Peggo
  • Pep!

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