12 Small Business Ideas for Kids in 2023

business ideas for kids

Are you hoping to motivate the upcoming generation of business leaders? The potential for kid-run small companies is higher than ever in 2023! A kid-friendly company might be a potentially life-changing experience with the correct coaching and tools.

So let’s investigate 12 of the top children’s business ideas for 2023!

Can a Kid Start a Successful Small Business?

Whether you want to believe it or not, young people can launch a successful small business.

They may stand out from other students and achieve their business aspirations if they have an entrepreneurial spirit, use the appropriate knowledge, and have access to essential resources.

Popular Small Business Ideas for Kids

Kids have the potential to be amazing entrepreneurs, so why not give them a foundation for success by introducing them to some good business ideas?

From pet sitting and tutoring to baking cupcakes or making crafts, there are plenty of creative, fun, and profitable small business ideas for kids. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular businesses for kids.

1.    Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand may be a pleasant method to introduce young brains to the entrepreneurial spirit and generate some nice money with the assistance of a parent or trusted family members.

2.    Party Planning Business

Even while parties and other special events are a lot of fun, many people are ignorant of the amount of effort that goes into making them flawless. It’s a job and a fantastic chance for a young child to develop a strong work ethic and earn some money.

3.    Online Store

A young entrepreneur has a fantastic opportunity to earn some extra cash by setting up an internet store and selling popular items.

4.    Pet Sitting Business

People like their dogs, and they frequently want a dependable somebody to care for them while they are gone. Who wouldn’t want to play and cuddle with a fluffy puppy or kitten for a few days while earning some spending money at the same time? Pet sitting is a terrific business opportunity.

5.    Dog Walking Business

If your child is passionate about animals, having them walk dogs might be a good way for them to spend their free time while learning how to be responsible to others and making a little money.

6.    Tutoring Services

Children of school age frequently struggle in one or more subjects. For a modest charge, your youngster may offer to instruct others.

7.    Car Washing Service

To earn some additional money, starting a neighborhood car wash is a terrific business idea. This is a terrific business endeavor since there is unquestionably a large supply and high demand.

8.    Baby Sitting Services

Everywhere, parents are always seeking a reliable career to keep their children while they rest or go to work. For kids in middle school, babysitting is the ideal option to generate their income.

9.    Write a Book

Has your youngster a strong sense of imagination? He or she can create a children’s book and publish it online, or even locate a reputable publisher and illustrator.

10.  Create a YouTube Channel

An excellent children’s business idea for your child is starting a YouTube channel if they have an abundance of personality and the ability to talk. They may share what they love and also make a little money from the website.

11.  Voice artist

Kid voice actors are used by networks like Disney, Nickelodeon, and PBS Kids for their animated shows. Children who have expressive voices become wonderful voiceover artists.

Kids that are interested in this business concept will need to find an agency and record a demo reel with parental assistance. Children’s transportation to auditions and tapings will also be the responsibility of the parents.

12.  Skateboard repair tech

If your child already enjoys skating, their skate park pals are probably a ready-made market for your business concept.

A resourceful young person may launch a neighborhood skateboard repair business with the use of inexpensive tools and YouTube tutorials. Additionally, they’re providing an avant-garde on-the-spot wheel tightening or replacement service by putting up a mobile shop at a skate park.

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It’s not only feasible but also tremendously advantageous to launch a small business as a young person. It gives kids the freedom to release their creativity, acquire useful life skills, and engage in real-world activities. Children may start their businesses and forge their paths to success, whether it is through a lemonade stand, party planning service, internet store, or any of the other ideas described above. Young entrepreneurs are capable of achieving everything they set their minds to with the correct direction, assistance, and a little drive.


What is the ideal age for children to launch a small business?

There is no set minimum age to launch a small business. It depends on the child’s age, hobbies, and the amount of parental or guardian help they receive. While some children begin as young as 8 or 9, others might not begin until they are teenagers.

What can parents do to help their children launch a small business?

To encourage their children’s business endeavors, parents can play a significant role. They may provide their children direction, assistance with preparation and logistics, financial support, and encouragement to learn from both achievements and disappointments. Parents may also teach their children the value of taking responsibility, managing their time, and creating achievable objectives.

Is it OK for children to launch a business?

Yes, it is acceptable for young people to launch a business, however, specific limitations and rules may change based on the nation or location. It is crucial to learn about local laws and ordinances, secure any relevant permissions or licenses, and guarantee adherence to safety and anti-child labor rules.

How can children advertise their little company?

Kids may use a variety of platforms to advertise their small businesses, including social media, neighborhood bulletin boards, local newspapers, word-of-mouth, and by utilizing their networks. They may promote their goods or services and reach more people by setting up a basic website or social media accounts.

What advantages do young people who launch a small business have?

Kids may gain a lot from starting a small company, including the improvement of crucial abilities like problem-solving, decision-making, communication, and money management. Additionally, it promotes creativity, increases self-assurance, teaches responsibility, and gives a sense of independence and success.

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