What is digital printing?

Within the world of printing, digital printing is gaining importance thanks to lower printing costs and improved quality.

In addition, technological innovation has enabled advances that, just a few years ago, were unimaginable. In the field of the Graphic Industry, new digital printing systems are occupying an increasingly prominent place in communication services.

When the offset printing technique reached its splendor, in terms of perfection and similarity in the reproduction of images, the digital revolution of the Internet and smartphones brought a change in the way of understanding communication. Nowadays, in the information age in which we live, communication is increasingly personalized, delivery times are shorter and fewer copies are needed because everything is more ephemeral. Thus, companies invest in the digitalization of documents and in the acquisition of digital personal printing near me machines that allow them to better cover these needs and that little by little evolve until they have great printing quality and ease of use.

Unlike traditional offset printing, digital printing is much cheaper and that is why it is increasingly used by companies to print their brochures or information about their products. The initial costs are lower in this type of printing since they adjust better to the number of impressions, unlike what happens in traditional printing, which is not so profitable for low print runs.  

Digital printing is created through an image obtained from digital data , by means of a computer, whether they are texts or images created by different programs. Then the image created by data is sent to a digital printer to be transferred to paper using pressure and heat. Direct pantone matching closely approximates today’s high-quality printing equipment, as well as finishing processes.

In digital printing it is not necessary to use films, plates, etc… which speeds up the work. Another point in favor of a digital printing company is the speed with which jobs can be released, and the possibility of making short runs in a job, either for advertising purposes or for business cards.

Currently, most companies are looking for profitability in all the work they do, the greatest benefit at the lowest possible cost. That is why traditional printers have fewer print runs every time, and are seeing how digital printing takes the upper hand, for having lower costs and higher profitability.

Short run digital printing can be done as large quantities do not need to be printed to be profitable. Changes from one print run to another are very simple, just look for the folder where the job is located and launch it, and the digital printer will do the rest. Directories or databases are created where the client gathers all the information and even places the order through web tools designed specifically for that. The client sends it and the company that does the printing receives it almost instantly and can put it into operation quickly and effectively so that the final product is as quickly as possible in the hands of the client.

Digital printing possibilities

Not only the price is important when choosing one type of printing or another. Digital printing allows us a series of possibilities and advantages compared to traditional printing that can make a difference.

Through digital printing it is much easier to personalize the editions and segment potential customers. There is also the possibility of printing catalogs of a few units or making larger runs of copies of books, for example, according to the needs without this conditioning the price per unit. In this sense, we can make anything from a diptych or flyer, to a stapled magazine, a book with a spine and soft covers or catalogs bound in hard covers. There is the option of combining color with black and white or of varying the images on the covers.

These are some of the options that digital printing offers us by virtue of and as a consequence of the technical investigations that have served the graphic industry to devise and optimize machinery, with innovative printing systems, better stability in the color options, the use of inks or the amplitude in the supports; Since not only on paper, currently you can make prints on acetate, vinyl or fabric.

Delving into the technique

The process we are referring to in this article is based on printing a digital file onto paper or other material. The most common forms are the inkjet printer using cartridges and the toner in a laser printer. These are fast processes and ideal for small businesses when they have low volume printing and tight delivery times. Through digital printing, the availability of the forms is immediate, since, unlike other techniques, it does not require drying or cooling time.

However, the graphics sector is undergoing a great evolution in recent times, which means continuous changes and improvements. The new equipment each time has better features to adapt more quickly to the needs of the market, hence the works that are carried out by means of digital printing are not only small runs. In fact, digital printing works both in small and large formats. Both continue to have deficiencies, which forces the graphic industry to continue developing, improving and evolving.

Although we have already mentioned some of the advantages of digital printing, another of the possibilities it offers is the personalization of graphic products, a market that is in incipient growth and development.

As we have already mentioned before, one of the most important things is to keep customers satisfied by giving them what they need, in the shortest possible time, and at the lowest possible cost. From Greek Marketing we try to satisfy our clients with the digital printing of magazines, letters, diptychs, brochures, brochures, and flyers, at a reduced price, either in large runs or short runs, in color and of high quality. We have a great team of professionals who have evolved from offset printing to modern digital printing. We have modernized our machinery to respond to the needs of the market and our clients in order to offer the latest innovations in the field of printing any type of document in the necessary format.

We can make large-format prints, such as posters and also place the posters at the points where the client indicates. Digital printing is increasingly used by advertising agencies that have to reduce expenses and improve the profitability of the campaign they are developing. At Greek Marketing we respond to this need and offer the latest technologies at reasonable prices in order to satisfy our customers. Do not hesitate to consult our prices and offers.

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