This adapter turns standard CarPlay into wireless, and works

How well do Wireless CarPlay Adapters perform? I recently purchased two automobiles. The Apple CarPlay system in the Honda Civic is wired. I replaced the stock entertainment system in the Honda HR-V with an Alpine unit that supports Wireless CarPlay. The Civic’s entertainment system needed to be replaced, but I wanted Wireless CarPlay. There is now a method for converting regular CarPlay into wireless CarPlay.

Wireless CarPlay adapter

Wireless CarPlay adapter

The adapter gets firmware upgrades, which is a plus! There could already be one, but I didn’t have the patience to use it when setting everything up. If either problem is solved, I’ll update the article.

I’m ecstatic with the CarLink adaptor for the time being. If you currently have CarPlay but would want it to be wireless, I strongly advise trying this adapter or one similar.

Compared to purchasing an aftermarket Wireless CarPlay head unit and paying for installation, the cost may be significantly cheaper. Using an Amazon voucher, the adaptor currently ships for roughly $90.

Adapter Compatibility

For around $100, there are a few adapters that promise to transform CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay. The challenging component is compatibility with certain automobile makes and models. The merchant canceled my initial order for a Wireless CarPlay adaptor last year because of compatibility issues. But, a buddy of mine had success with an adaptor he tested in his 2016 Chevrolet Volt, so I recently gave it another go.

For my 2017 Honda Civic, I utilized a CarLink adaptor. My hopes were quite low. While I didn’t think it would, the expense of trying it was worthwhile. It turns out that the product is almost flawless!

Easy installation

The adaptor may be set up just as easily as a Wireless CarPlay connection. After plugging the adapter into the USB port in your car that powers wired CarPlay, link your iPhone with the adapter using Bluetooth from the Settings app.

As soon as the adapter came, I gave it a try to see whether it paired. A few days later, I had an absolute moment of astonishment and happiness. Without considering the adaptor, I made a little trip across town with my iPhone in my pocket, and CarPlay magically appeared on my screen on its own.

Expect some latency

Expect some latency (1)

Perfect! Oh, nearly. I’ve used wireless and conventional CarPlay while driving, so I know what to expect in terms of latency while using the steering wheel controls to skip tunes.

The crucial factor is that the voice input, track skipping, and volume controls on the steering wheel truly function.

Besides latency, I’ve also had a problem with the adapter.

In contrast to automobiles with physical buttons for accessing information without touch input, standard CarPlay in my car does not surround on-screen content with boxes. But, I don’t mind that these boxes are visible around the buttons while using Wireless CarPlay with the adaptor.

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