Listing some of the top XRP wallets of 2022

Have you been searching for the best XRP wallet but are still unable to figure out which is the right wallet for Ripple? If this is the situation then worry not as we are going to help you in finding the best wallet for XRP by listing several options in this article. So stay abreast with this article and get to know about the top XRP wallets of 2022. 

XRP is a native cryptocurrency meant for products that are developed by Ripple Labs. The services provided by products of Ripple are similar to what SWIFT for fiat currencies. It provides financial institutions with a speedy and trusted option for sourcing liquidity on demand. The products find their use in asset exchange, remittance systems, and payment settlement. 

Earlier Bitcoin has remained to be a popular choice for investment owing to its global fame. But now it is no more a buzz today since there are numerous alternatives to switch over. One such example is Ripple (XRP). And for that, you need the best Ripple wallet to store your XRP tokens safely. 

Doing selection of the best XRP wallets among the other options is not as simple as you might think of it. You might get confused about wanting a hardware or software wallet in terms of security and accessibility. Every wallet comes with its share of pros and cons. And it is utmost necessary to get familiar with all these. You need to spend some time knowing about the different options of XRP wallets, as it would help you from getting alerts from scams and frauds. So here we go.

Top 5 XRP wallets of 2022

Binance wallet

Binance is the best software wallet to refer to. It is one of the safest options as XRP wallets provide a wide range of tools for trading online. Binance is compatible with PC clients, iOS, Web, and Android. Moreover, it provides basic and advanced exchange interfaces for trading. 


Robinhood is also the best choice to make for buying and selling cryptos including XRP. Cryptocurrency can be traded here as it guarantees the security of your personal information. You can use your smartphone app for buying, selling, and trading assets. 

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is the top option as a software wallet. This decentralized wallet platform allows its users to operate with no need for account verification and registration. This puts a prime focus on privacy. 

Bitcoin IRA

You might not be so familiar with Bitcoin IRA, as it lets you purchase and sell cryptocurrency with lesser effort. It is not just meant for BTC trading, but can also be referred to for trading in gold and XRP. Your crypto assets online can be stored plus you can engage in safe trading via SSL. 

Ledger Nano

Ledger Nano is one of the top XRP wallets of 2022. This hardware wallet is very safe, trusted, and supportive of numerous cryptocurrencies. Hence, you won’t find the need to change wallets to store multiple assets. With Ledger Nano, you can rest assured of security. Your crypto assets are safe from hackers

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