IM-21 Mike Tyson Supplements Review: Does It Work? What to Know!

Would you have ever believed that one of the best boxers would start bulking up? In his own words, Mike Tyson was “some fat kid starving himself like a twinkle-toed ballerina” in his earlier years. He was harassed for his meatballs in the cafeteria as a child since he was “a chubby, slightly fat kid” before becoming the greatest. Before he was able to lose and keep off the weight after boxing, he experienced many ups and downs. How did he overcome all hurdles, maintain his health, and look good in his fifties? All the credit for his weight loss of about 140 pounds has since been assigned to the two-fold supplement IM-21. Interested in learning more about his journey? Here is all the information you need to know about IM-21.

What is IM-21?

IM-21, an abbreviation for Iron Matrix-21, was created to focus on the root of men’s resistant obesity. IM-21 can erase decades of aging from the body when consumed as two separate drinks, one called BURN is consumed in the morning and the other called BUILD is consumed in the evening. This dual-action pill may boost metabolic rates, raise youthfulness and drive, pack on muscle, encourage sleep, and induce recuperation, among other things, in addition to the potential to eliminate stubborn fat and aging symptoms. The basis of IM-21 needs to be thoroughly investigated to comprehend where these alleged benefits are coming from.

What is the foundation of IM-21?

Anabolic resistance, a concept, is what led to the development of IM-21. Anabolic resistance is a condition in which there is a decrease in the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis, which leads to a loss of skeletal muscle mass [1]. Why? A lean muscular physique is made possible by the muscles’ greater propensity to absorb protein and fat at a younger age. Men struggle to gain muscle after the age of 40 because they stop being “sponge-like” or “as if they’re hard, cracked sponges that can’t absorb water anymore,” as the saying goes.

What does this imply for people who eat more protein and exercise regularly? No matter how much protein is eaten or how much perspiration is shed at the gym, muscles always end up fading away as the stomach balloons like a balloon. What’s worse is that fat and protein that should be going to the muscles instead get deposited as belly fat, man boobs, and love handles. In essence, IM-21 corrects digestion to reverse symptoms associated with anabolic resistance. Three primary ingredients and 18 auxiliary ingredients have been used to fuel IM-21 to get there.

What are the main ingredients inside IM-21?

The following three components make up IM-21:

Protease (2,000USP/mg)

A digestive enzyme called protease is responsible for dissolving proteins into smaller polypeptides or single amino acids so that they can be used as fuel. Its distinction from other enzymes was supported by one source. Blood coagulation, cell division, protein recycling, and immunological support all depend on protease in one way or another. Along with easing muscle tightness and accelerating wound healing, the protease may also treat indigestion symptoms like nausea, bloating, and abdominal discomfort [2]. Protease “flips the protein switch to force your muscles into an anabolic condition,” according to the product’s creators.

Calcium HMB (500mg)

HMB, which stands for beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate, is a nutritional supplement meant to promote muscle growth and improve exercise capacity. Leucine, a BCAA that has been connected to protein synthesis and muscle regeneration, is a BCAA that the body naturally produces. The fact that HMB is only sporadically present in nature is the sole justification for dietary supplementation. Studies already published have supported its capacity to promote muscle growth, particularly in older, untrained adults [3].

Creatine (1,500mg)

Creatine is an amino acid that makes up the final key component of the IM-21 pill. The brain and muscles have been the main areas of research. Research has shown that it can assist athletes in performing more repetitions or sprints, avoid dehydration, cramping, and injuries, and improve bone and brain health [4]. Most significantly, it is generally safe to consume, though caution should be exercised when considering dosage and duration.

IM-21 Benefits

Daily use of IM-21 Burn and IM-21 Build is said to support the following advantages:

  • more power
  • more rapid metabolism
  • improved sleep
  • reduced body fat
  • quicker growth in muscle
  • sharper focus
  • Even more drive

Along with other advantages, the mixture can aid if you have muscle loss, a slow metabolism, sleep problems, extra body fat, sluggish muscle growth, brain fog, low motivation, or exhaustion. These problems could hinder your training progress or sap your vitality throughout the day. IM-21 is intended to be helpful.

Features of IM-21

IM-21 Mike Tyson Supplements Review Does It Work What to Know!

In comparison to other protein powders, creatine, and even HRT, among other supplements and alternatives, IM-21 highlights all of the following qualities, making it superior.

According to, the following characteristics set IM-21 apart from competing products:

  • Without a prescription (as opposed to HRT)
  • no negative effects
  • opens up the anabolic pathways (unlike protein powder and creatine alone)
  • scientifically developed to aid with fat burning
  • Proven to aid in muscular growth
  • It causes your meals to be anabolic.
  • easy, safe, and simple
  • It facilitates better sleep and anabolic recovery.
  • delivers genuine cellular fuel
  • Offers sustainable energy throughout the day and is backed by a lifetime money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. Is IM-21 safe to take?

  1. According to the manufacturers, IM-21’s safety is attested to by the fact that it was created in a GMP-certified facility under sterile circumstances. Before entering their laboratories, each component in IM-21 BURN and BUILD underwent a thorough impurity test.

Q. What if consumers are sensitive to caffeine?

  1. There are 75mg of caffeine in BURN, which is less than a cup of coffee. Having stated that, anybody who has caffeine sensitivity should avoid using this product. Because sleep is equally important to the team, BURN must be taken no later than 12 hours before bed.

Q. What if I’m sensitive to melatonin?

  1. The amount of melatonin in each serving of BUILD is just 3 mg. Melatonin is crucial for producing feelings of relaxation in the body and letting the body know when it’s time to go to sleep. BUILD provides a minute concentration as compared to pure melatonin pills. Ultimately, it is advised that people abstain from consuming any substances that could be harmful to their health.

Q. Why choose IM-21?

  1. The team claims that IM-21 has “explosive muscle-building capability,” namely high-impact substances and amino acids that support the body’s ability to create more muscle in a shorter amount of time while simultaneously reducing fat.

Q. What is the complete ingredient list for BURN?

  1. Each BURN packet (7.1g) includes calcium (100mg), taurine (100mg), vitamin b2 (1.3mg), vitamin b6 (65mg), vitamin b12 (40mcg), vitamin c (45mg), and vitamin d3 in addition to caffeine (75mg), creatine (1,500mg), fulvic acid (2mg), glycine (100mg), HMB (500mg), L-glutamine ( (50mg).

Q. What is the complete ingredient list for BUILD?

  1. The ingredients in each BUILD package (6.2g) are as follows: Cordyceps (10mg), Creatine (1,500mg), Fulvic Acid (2mg), GABA (100mg), Glycine (100mg), HMB (500mg), L-Glutamine (100mg), L-Tryptophan (40mg), Melatonin (3mg), Protease (200K USP), and Valerian Root Extract (50mg).

Q. How should IM-21 be ingested?

  1. The morning formula BURN and the evening formula BUILD are both used. The former should be ingested with water first thing in the morning. When taken 30 minutes before bed, the latter is likely to provide effects.

Q. Is IM-21 flavored or unflavored?

  1. The natural citrus taste of the IM-21 BURN is different from the chocolate fudge flavor of the IM-21 BUILD. Because the team avoided utilizing artificial colors and dyes, the color in the BUILD contents is not dark brown.

Q. Is IM-21 only efficient with exercise and a diet plan?

  1. No, the key components have been shown to boost strength and muscle growth whether or not an exercise routine or diet plan is used. Naturally, however, effects could be seen sooner with some diet and modest activity. In the end, IM-21 seeks to support the body’s effective food digestion and provide muscles with amino acids. This will unavoidably encourage weight reduction in some way.

Q. What if IM-21 doesn’t work as advertised?

  1. IM-21 has been safeguarded by a lifetime money-back warranty. Customer service must be contacted to start the refund procedure. A Return Merchandise Authorization number, which has to be written on the box, will be given. Here is the contact information that is readily accessible for the specifics:
  • Email: [email protected].
  • Phone: (866) 438 4621
  • Mailing Address: IM-21, ATTN: Returns, 274 S 700 W, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Purchase Mike Tyson’s IM-21 Burn, and Build

Three different pricing tiers are available for IM-21 to encourage buying in bulk. These consist of:

Starter Pack ($69.00 per plus $6.95 shipping): one month’s supply of IM-21 Costs

Popular Pack: $59.00 per + Free Shipping (3-month supply of IM-21)

Best Pack ($49.00 per + free shipping): six months’ worth of IM-21

Whose Formulation is IM-21?

Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson’s formula is called IM-21. At one time in his life, Mike couldn’t even squeeze into his shorts for a fight. By the time he was in his 40s, the snowball effect had caused him to gain 380 pounds. He is in the best shape of his life at the age of 55.

He has not only restored his former vigor and “apex predator” drive, but he did it without depriving himself of his favorite meals. He just needed a 7-second anabolic shortcut, which ultimately led to the creation of IM-21 (and some form of physical activity, of course). It speaks a lot about Mike Tyson’s dedication to launching only the finest of the best that he put this approach to the test. The following is a summary of his experiences:

My life was altered by The Iron Matrix. I knew the secret that could turn any man from “beyond their prime” to an apex predator. I used the same recipe to sever Anabolic Resistance’s head and lose 140 pounds of retirement weight.

Final Verdict

It should be obvious from the study above that IM-21 was developed to aid in the absorption of protein and fat by the muscles. Truthfully, the problem starts with a barrier called anabolic resistance, but it may be resolved by addressing digestion. Mike Tyson’s team divided IM-21 into the BURN and BUILD formulations, which are to be taken once in the morning and once in the evening, respectively, to accomplish this effectiveness and safety.

After examining the primary components in these two supplements, our editorial staff was persuaded by their ability to increase metabolism and develop muscle. Indirect advantages such as enhanced attention, young vitality, and comfortable sleep are likely to result from doing this. There are several advantages to addressing the problem at its source, which is something to enjoy about IM-21! We authenticated Mike Tyson’s Instagram account to reassure those who weren’t persuaded of his participation.

We find value in this investment given the available information about the primary components and Mike Tyson’s personal experience with IM-21. Before introducing anything new to their routine, it is essential that everyone reads BURN and BUILD in their entirety. The wisest course of action would be to first go through both formulations with a healthcare professional.

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