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Do you want to log in using your account after purchasing a new Xbox console? Did you know there was a simpler method to accomplish this? Many people are unaware of this; however, you can easily sign in to your Xbox console via

One of the most well-known brands in the world of video games is Xbox. Xbox video game systems, which Microsoft owns and created, have sold millions of copies all over the world.

Also, Xbox has enhanced the anticipation among its customers as a result of the new collection of games that will debut in August.

This is the definitive instruction for you if you want to sign in and play all the wonderful games on your Xbox system.

All the information, including instructions on how to quickly and easily log into the console, create a new account, and set up a child’s account, can be found here.

Have you prepared? Let’s get going!

About the code Xbox

You’ll need an Xbox live account to take advantage of and play Xbox games, as well as access additional activities on your Xbox console or other devices.

You can manage your Xbox profile, update settings, alter your gamer tag, and do a lot more once you have an account.

With an Xbox account, you can even locate and interact with your friends and the Xbox community.

And if you’re a parent, you can control how much time your kids spend playing console games by limiting their screen time, updating content controls, and more.

You can successfully log in to Xbox by utilizing the and an alphanumeric code, and we’ve discovered a simple method for doing so.

How to Sign in to Xbox using

You need to be aware that your Microsoft account and password are required before we can assist you in login into your Xbox.

You can proceed to the following part where we will assist you in recovering your Microsoft Account password if you can’t remember your account password.

Following are instructions for utilizing the aforementioned website to log in to your Xbox:

  • Press the Xbox button on the controller’s top to turn on your Xbox.
  • This will launch your console’s settings page. You may now pick Existing Xbox Account under Profile and Settings.
  • Instead of manually entering your ID using the controller in the following dialogue, select “Use another device” to continue.
  • You will see an alphanumeric code and instructions to go to on your screen. Keep in mind or write down the code that appears on your screen.
  • Now open another device, such as a laptop or a phone. Using any web browser, go to
  • You will notice that when the page first loads, it asks you to input the alphanumeric code that is shown on your screen. After entering this code, select next.
  • Now, input the Microsoft account you wish to link to your Xbox’s email address (or Skype ID, or phone number) and password. Next, click.
  • Only if it is a trustworthy device, decide if you want to keep it signed in with your account.
  • You will now get a notice stating that your Xbox account has been successfully logged in. Checking your Xbox console will enable you to confirm the same.

Forgot password: how to recover a Microsoft account password?

Https Www Microsoft Com Link Code Xbox Sign-In Guide

To make the procedure simple, you must have your Microsoft account ID and password before logging in to your Xbox. Thankfully, Microsoft offers straightforward procedures for recovering account passwords:

  • Click next after entering the Email, phone number, or Skype ID that is linked to your Microsoft account when signing in on any Microsoft website. When prompted to enter your password, choose the Forget Password link below.
  • To change your Microsoft account password, go directly to Click next after entering your account’s username.
  • The prompt will request that you confirm your identification in the next window. To get a security code, you must select any of the alternatives that are shown on your screen. Click Obtain Code to continue.
  • Input the security code that was supplied to you via the mode of recovery you selected in the previous stage.
  • After entering the new password twice, click Next. Make sure the password is at least 8 characters long and contains a mix of symbols, numerals, and upper- and lowercase alphabets.
  • The aforementioned procedures will effectively reset your account password.

How to add a new Microsoft account to Xbox?

You can make a new account and sign in to Xbox if you are unable to retrieve your Microsoft account:

  • Press the Xbox button on the controller’s top to turn on your Xbox.
  • The Settings page will then be shown. Click Add New after selecting Profile and System.
  • Create a username (email address, phone number, or Skype name) and password for your new Microsoft account by clicking Add new account/Get new mail.
  • I ask that you read their privacy policy and accept all of the terms.
  • To properly sign in on Xbox, set your new Microsoft account’s Sign-In and Security options.

In this manner, you may make a fresh Microsoft account and use it to access your Xbox profile.

How to create a Passkey?

An extra security measure for your Microsoft account linked to your Xbox system is a passkey. The user ID and password for your account can be replaced by this Passkey.

Your Xbox account’s Sign-in and Security Options allow you to instruct the console to request your Passkey before you sign in, make a purchase, or alter any setting. A passkey protects you against unauthorized or unintended transactions.

How To Change Your Existing Passkey

The procedures to modify your current Xbox passkey are as follows:

  1. Choose Account from the Settings menu on your Xbox console.
  2. Click Sign-in, security & Passkey under Account Settings.
  3. Next, on the sign-in, security, and passkey page, choose Passkey.
  4. On the passkey page, click the Change passkey button. Verify the new Passkey.
  5. To validate the change, you must enter your Microsoft account password again.
  6. If you have numerous Xbox devices, make sure your Xbox passkey is updated on each one.
  7. Be sure to update the Passkey on any other devices, such as your computer or mobile device, that are connected to your Xbox accounts.


To sum up, using the Xbox Link Code to login into your Xbox account is simple and uncomplicated. You can effortlessly access all of your Xbox content by following these instructions.

Whether you’re a casual player or diehard, signing into your Xbox account is simple with the Xbox Link Code. That being said, it is simple to sign in to Xbox utilizing This manual, we hope, has been beneficial to you. If you require any further information, please let us know in the comments section.

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