How To Join Random Discord Servers

For gamers to connect, Discord servers are fantastic. They have several tools that let users talk, exchange files, and even collaborate on games. We will go through how to join arbitrary Discord servers in this post.

Discord servers are also excellent for connecting and organizing gaming groups. There are several distinct Discord servers, each with a distinct community and goal. There is a discord server for everyone, whether you want a place to speak with friends or want to join a community. A Discord server is ideal if you’re seeking a place to speak with individuals who share your interests.

But joining a discord server is a terrific opportunity to make new friends and interact with others who share your interests. In this post, we will go through the numerous approaches to finding and joining discord servers. There is a discord server out there for everyone, whether you’re searching for one to speak with pals on or one to play games on.

How to join random discord servers?

You may be wondering how to join arbitrary Discord servers if you’re new to the app and don’t have many friends on it. Here is a little explanation of how to achieve that, though.

  1. Launch the Discord application, then select the “Server” option.
  2. Go down to the “Public Servers” section on the “Server” page.
  3. A list of every public server you can join will be shown to you.
  4. Click the “Join” button next to a server to connect to it.
  5. You can start speaking with other users after joining a server!

Nonetheless, Discord is a fantastic social network for establishing new acquaintances. Don’t be bashful, then. Join a few random servers right now.

Lastly, you may join arbitrary stages by merely inputting the stage ID. Enter the stage ID and “/join” to do this. If you know of a certain stage that you want to attend but don’t necessarily want to join the server it is hosted on, this is a fantastic alternative.

Whichever approach you use, joining random Discord stages is a terrific way to meet new people to play games with or just talk with. So venture outside and begin your exploration.

How to join random discord servers on the phone?

There are a few steps you must do to join random Discord servers on your phone. Install the Discord app first on your phone or tablet. Open the app and create an account or login in after that. You’ll see a list of servers you may join after logging in. Click the Join button to connect to the server.

You may explore the list of servers or perform a search for a particular server by name or subject if you’re not sure which one to join. When you click the Join button next to a server you want to join, you will be added to that server.

If you’re looking for a more specialized server type, you may use the server filter to discover servers by subject, language, or region. Choose the servers you wish to join after selecting the filter you want to use.

Also, joining a Discord server is a fantastic method to network and talk about common interests. Now go join some servers and go out there.

How to explore public servers on Discord mobile 2022?

For talking with friends and joining public servers, Discord mobile is fantastic. Here are some pointers for using Discord Mobile’s public servers in 2022:

  1. Use the search field: The mobile version of Discord has a search bar at the top. It allows you to look for certain servers or keywords.
  2. See categories for servers: You may browse a variety of server categories on Discord mobile. To accomplish this, choose “Servers” by tapping the three lines in the top left corner of the application.
  3. See the highlighted servers: The right side of the app houses the highlighted servers area. You may choose from a variety of well-liked servers below.
  4. Ask your acquaintances: Ask your Discord mobile-using pals for suggestions on which servers to join.
  5. Study server descriptions while searching for servers to see which ones are a suitable fit for you.

A fantastic method to remain in touch with friends and make new ones is through Discord mobile. You’ll undoubtedly uncover some fantastic public Discord servers by using these suggestions.

How to join a discord server without the link?

How To Join Random Discord Servers

It’s straightforward to join a Discord server without an invite link. The IP address of the server is all you need. Open the Discord app, however, and choose the “Servers” option at the bottom of the screen to get a server’s IP address.

Click on the server you wish to join after that. Click “Copy” next to the server’s IP address in the information panel for the server. Open your web browser and paste the IP address into the address bar once you have it. You will be sent to the server’s webpage by it.

You may sign up for an account and access the server. You may talk, exchange images and videos, and join channels with other server users once you’ve logged in. Now go outside and start playing video games with your mates.

It is impossible to join a Discord server without an invite link. But, you may join a Discord server by doing the following if you have an invite link:

1) Click the invitation link. By doing so, the Discord software will launch and the server’s page will be displayed.

2) Choose “Join” from the menu. You’ll be added to the server.

3) You will be asked to log in or make an account if you are not already signed in.

4) You can talk with other server users once you’ve registered.

How to find discord servers?

A chat application called Discord has millions of users. It is easy to use and accessible from any device. Discovering Discord servers is as follows:

Use the search bar

Use the search bar to locate Discord servers because it’s the simplest method. See what comes up by typing in the subject you are interested in. Moreover, you may look up individual servers by name.

Browse through the server list

Browse the server list if you’re unclear about what you’re looking for. All of the Discord servers that have been built are listed in that list. These can be arranged alphabetically, by date, or by popularity.

Ask around

If you are still unable to locate what you are looking for, ask around. Discord has millions of users, therefore someone must be aware of the ideal server for you.

Discord is a fantastic chat program with plenty of features and lots of users. But, using the search bar and server list to discover the ideal server for you is straightforward. If you are still unable to locate what you are looking for, ask around. There must be someone who knows about the ideal server for you among the millions of users.

Connect a Server using the Discord Smartphone Application

Open the Discord application. Register for a Discord account or sign in to your existing one. Be sure you get the invitation address or the server code. The server should be accessible in the same way that webpages are.

The main page of your application will provide a list of all the servers you currently have access. You may see a “+” sign indicator near the bottom of this listing. Click to turn it on. You should be sent to a different page as intended. Click the “Join a Server” button that appears at the bottom of the page. After inputting the invitation URL, click “Join Server”.

Can You Join a Private Discord Server Without a Link?

The use of an invitation link is the sole way to sign up for a private Discord server. There is nothing else you can do if you don’t have it other than ask a friend or the server administrator to provide you with the link. Remember that not all service users have the ability to invite other users. It’s possible that even though your buddy is a member, they are unable to generate an invite link.

If you don’t have a connection but want to join a private Discord server for a certain online community, you might be able to discover it online. Discord links are frequently seen in the descriptions of Reddit forums for the same service. Some communities that used to be on forums and switched to Discord may have pinned threads including instructions on how to locate the invitation link. When things get tough, a moderator is typically around who can give directions.

How to Join a Discord Server if the Link Is Expired

The link owner can choose an expiration date when generating an invitation link. This can be a duration, such as an expiration siring after 24 hours, or a restriction on the number of users, such as only allowing the first 100 individuals to click the link to access it. The only option available to you if you attempted to join a Discord server but the link was invalid is to contact the server operator and request a new link.


With Discord’s simple invitation options, finding and joining groups that share your interests is a breeze. Although utilizing an invite URL makes access straightforward, locating the best public servers may take some effort. Finding and connecting to a server is now considerably simpler thanks to numerous server-identifying schemes. I’m hoping you’ll find this tutorial on how to join arbitrary Discord servers useful.

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