How to factory reset Apple Watch with or without iPhone

Follow along to learn how to factory reset your Apple Watch, whether you’re having problems or are prepared to sell or give away your present watch. We’ll look at how to accomplish this even if you’ve forgotten your Apple Watch passcode with and without an iPhone.

If you wish to recover your data on the same or a new watch, be sure you back up your Apple Watch before performing a factory reset. An automated Apple Watch backup is made if you back up your iPhone using iCloud or a Computer. Remember that for all data to be stored for Apple Watch, iPhone backups on Mac must be encrypted.

When you unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone using the first of the options listed below, a new backup will be created.

One more crucial detail: the Activation Lock (if activated) can only be removed by unpairing the Apple Watch from the iPhone for someone else to use the wearable once it has been reset.

How to factory reset Apple Watch with iPhone

How to factory reset Apple Watch with iPhone

Unpairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone is the best approach to performing a factory reset. This will make a backup, delete your watch, disable Activation Lock, and disconnect your iPhone from the device.

  1. If you have any transit cards saved on your Apple Watch, Apple advises that you first erase them (Watch app on iPhone > Wallet & Apple Pay > Transport Cards).
  2. Open the Watch app on your iPhone while keeping your watch and iPhone close together.
  3. Tap All Watches in the top left corner after selecting the My Watch tab at the bottom.
  4. Touch the watch you wish to unpair’s circled “i.”
  5. Choose Apple Watch, then select Unpair once again.
  6. Choose whether to maintain or delete your cellular place want to really cancel the plan, you’ll need to phone your carrier).
  7. If prompted, enter your Apple ID password (this step removes Activation Lock if it was enabled)
  8. You’ll get the “Start Pairing” notice after the unpairing is finished.

Factory reset directly on Apple Watch

If your iPhone isn’t nearby, you may delete Apple Watch straight on the wearable, but Activation Lock won’t be removed.

To remove the Apple Watch Activation Lock, remember that it won’t be able to do a fresh backup and that you should go to the Watch app on your iPhone and unpair it using the method described above as soon as you can.

  1. The Apple Watch’s Settings app should be opened.
  2. Click General
  3. Tap after swiping to the bottom. Reset
  4. Delete All Content and Settings by tapping.
  5. Enter your passcode if one is required when asked.
  6. If you have a cellular watch, swipe down and tap Wipe All or Erase All & Keep Plan.

Can’t remember your Apple Watch passcode?

Can’t remember your Apple Watch passcode

If you have your iPhone but can’t remember your Apple Watch passcode:

  1. Open the iOS Watch app on your iPhone and make sure your Watch is close by.
  2. Scroll down and choose General
  3. Tap the bottom after swiping up. Reset
  4. On the Apple Watch, choose Erase Content and Settings.
  5. To confirm, tap Wipe All Content and Settings two times.
  6. You must decide whether to maintain or cancel your plan if you have an Apple Watch with cellular capabilities (still a good idea to double-check with your carrier that it was successfully canceled)

If you forget your passcode, you may also reset your Apple Watch manually. Take these actions:

  1. Place your Apple Watch on a charger.
  2. Hold down the side button while waiting for the Power Off screen to appear.
  3. Hold down the Digital Crown while looking for the erase option.
  4. Tap Delete all settings and content
  5. Double-tap Reset to confirm.

Apple advises that you must unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone to remove it from Activation Lock. We appreciate you taking the time to read our reset Apple Watch instructions.

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