Aquatic Lifesaving Course + Master in Sports Coaching


The work of a lifeguard course online is fundamental and requires great preparation to generate confidence among all users of swimming pools, natural aquatic spaces and other aquatic facilities. With our Aquatic Lifesaving Course , together with the Master in Sports Coaching, you will enter the aquatic environment and learn the necessary skills to become a responsible professional. Therefore, this course is aimed at workers, entrepreneurs and businesswomen interested in the sports and fitness sectors.

Objective of the Aquatic Lifeguard Course

This Aquatic Lifesaving Course has the main objective of training professionals to acquire new abilities and skills in the water. Also, it intends to train in the execution of specific lifeguard swimming techniques and in the techniques of towing people, as well as in the methods of prevention and attention to accidents. In the same way, it seeks to provide the necessary knowledge to treat aquatic injuries that may appear in this context in the 600 teaching hours it contains.

Study modality

Our educational methodology is based on flexible and quality academic programs. Also, we have a high-level professional attention and platform that will allow you to receive constant monitoring. This is possible thanks to the tutoring department that offers a personalized service at all times. Therefore, you will have a tutor who will advise you throughout your training.

On the other hand, our modality suggests that you can organize the hours dedicated to the master according to your needs. And evaluate yourself when you feel really ready. Our training has the following modalities:


Once your registration is received, we will send to your email the access codes to our Virtual Campus where you will find all the study material.


once your registration is received, we will send to your address the training pack that consists of the study manuals and the exercise book.

Certification obtained

Once the studies have been completed and the evaluation tests have been passed, the student will receive a diploma that certifies the ” AQUATIC LIFESAVING COURSE + MASTER’S DEGREE IN SPORTS COACHING ” , from the EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF SPORTS , endorsed by our status as members of the CECAP, the highest institution . n Spanish in training and quality .

The diplomas also bear the stamp of a European Notary, which attests to the validity, content and authenticity of the title at a national and international level.

*The content is oriented towards the acquisition of complementary theoretical training. This training does not lead to obtaining an official degree.

Here you can download the training sheet of this Aquatic Lifesaving Course .

Learn about the advantages of studying the Aquatic Lifesaving Course + Master in Sports Coaching:

With our course you will learn diagnostic analysis, determination and management of human and material resources in aquatic lifesaving. Also, you will learn about the logistics of surveillance and intervention in aquatic lifesaving and the evaluation of lifesaving services. So you will have full knowledge of the conditioning factors of surveillance and planning of protection actions in an aquatic space.

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However, thanks to this course you will learn to use the basic tools of sports coaching, as well as acquire the skills, resources and skills necessary for professional development and practice as a sports coach.

Throughout the course, you will acquire the skills required to effectively manage the emotions and feelings generated by sport. And you will promote the principles, values, beliefs, attitudes and appropriate behaviors to develop coaching processes effectively.

Professional opportunities in Aquatic Lifesaving

This e-learning training will provide you with the necessary tools for the dynamization and direction of sports-recreational activities for initiation to the aquatic environment. With all this you will be able to manage the control of the safety, rescue and first aid of the users of the aquatic facilities. Thus, you can exercise this responsibility independently or under the supervision of a private company.

Therefore, some of the most relevant occupations and positions that you can perform are:

  • Rescue and lifeguard monitor.
  • Timekeeper judge.
  • Lifeguard in swimming pools, water parks and natural pools.
  • Coordinator in sports schools of rescue and first aid.
  • Responsible for aquatic installation and lifeguard team in the natural environment.
  • Lifeguard manager on sea beaches, river beaches, lakes and reservoirs.

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