Apps like Google Phones to Use on Smartphones to Make Calls in 2022

Are you interested in Google Phone alternatives and related applications? Numerous excellent Google Phone alternatives function as virtual phone systems. The three Google Phone alternatives and comparable applications each offer advantages.

The long-established Google Voice service is a fantastic substitute for traditional landlines. The Google Voice app on most smartphones may be used to access the service, which is free and easy to use. Many consumers are migrating from conventional landlines to Google Voice as a consequence.

Google Voice is not a phone number, which is the first thing to realize. This account allows calls from other numbers to be forwarded to your primary number. Also, you may send text messages from your computer, which comes in useful if you don’t have a mobile phone or want to send texts from the office without your employer seeing them.

Apps like Google Phone

A pretty good service is Google Voice. You may use it for free to make calls, send texts, and even email directly from your phone.

But there are some things that Google Voice does not allow you to accomplish, which may make you question whether there is a better option.

Here are four Google Voice alternatives that might improve the quality of your calls and texts:


Since its launch in 2003, this well-known video chat service has grown to be well-known in the VOIP industry. On PCs, Skype is free to use, but using it on mobile devices costs $5 a month for unlimited calling and texting. To contact landlines or mobile phones, there is also a pay-per-minute option available ($0.02 per minute). The biggest disadvantage of this is that Skype does not provide a genuine voice mail system; rather, it converts voicemails into text messages that are delivered to your inbox along with an audio file attachment so you may listen later.

Simple Dialer

An intuitive dialer app for Android is called Easy Dialer. It includes an easy-to-use interface with bold buttons and a straightforward design. Dark and light themes are also available. Further capabilities of the program include call recording, adding undesired numbers to a blacklist, auto-answering calls, creating custom ringtones, having a built-in recorder, etc. You can have a look on the topic search google or type url.

Emerald Dialer

A feature-rich alternative to your phone’s standard software is Emerald Dialer. Several helpful features are available, including caller ID, call recording, adding undesired numbers to a blacklist, auto-answering calls, creating custom ringtones, and more. The software offers themes as well, allowing you to personalize how it looks.

Fresh caller

With the free programmed Fresh caller, you may make an infinite number of call logs. Incoming and outgoing calls may be effortlessly exported from the software to your computer or smartphone. Also, you may use the software to change the caller ID on any phone number in the globe to your mobile number. For each of your contacts, you may establish an infinite number of free numbers.

You may make calls directly from the Fresh caller app without using any other applications or websites thanks to its convenient dialer. If you’ve recently spoken with someone several times, the Dialer also displays your most recent calls, saving you the time and effort of having to hunt up their information manually repeatedly.


You can control your phone’s battery with the aid of the free app Koler Koler. You may view your remaining battery life, current use, and the applications that are using the most power. Koler will also notify you if your battery is low so that you may plug in and charge before you run out of power.

Using your phone contacts allows you to block obnoxious calls and spammers. All you have to do is send spam calls and calls from unknown numbers to Koler. Without your involvement, the software will automatically identify them as spam and ban them.


A contact management tool called Drupe makes it simple to identify local individuals and companies. Using Drupe’s location services, you may view all of your contacts who are nearby on a map or filter the results by category (for example, company) to ensure that only pertinent individuals appear. You may check contacts using the app without having to leave it to access Gmail or another service by searching for them by name or email address.

True Caller

One of the greatest phone dialers with caller ID, caller ID, and spam filter is True Caller. It has a call recorder and an address book that can be searched. With the True Caller app, you can also stop receiving obnoxious calls and messages.

If you’re searching for a phone app that enables you to make inexpensive international calls, True caller is a wonderful choice. In comparison to other providers, the prices are pretty reasonable. Calling capabilities including call forwarding, conference calling, and call recording are supported. Also, the app features a built-in spam blocker that enables you to stop unwanted calls and texts from coming from particular area codes or phone numbers.


When you want to take a selfie with your friends or family, Eyecon is a fantastic software to use. You may select from a variety of filters and effects using the app. Then embellish your pictures with text and stickers. Use your phone’s front-facing camera rather than the back one, or the built-in timer.


If you have a large number of contacts stored on your phone, this app is a useful resource. It makes it exceedingly simple to discover someone when they phone or text since it allows you to browse all of your contacts in one location. Also, you may add new contacts, conduct name- or number-based searches, and sync your address book with Google accounts. As a result, you are always up to date on the individuals who are most important to you.

Unlimited Call Log

Unlimited Call Log

Unlimited Call Log is a terrific option if you’re searching for an app that provides limitless call records for free cost since it enables customers to place unlimited calls from anywhere in the world. The software is much better than other comparable applications on our list because it also contains call recording, call blocking, and other features.


Using Android or iPhone smartphones, users may communicate end-to-end encrypted text messages, photos, and videos using Signal, a platform for encrypted messaging created by Open Whisper Systems. The program also enables users to place audio calls using their phone number as an identity instead of a username or email address through Wi-Fi or data connections.

Here’s what’s wrong with Google Voice

Low-end tablets and smartphones using this software don’t perform properly. I originally utilized Google Voice on my HTC G1 when I first started using it (known to most people as the first Android phone). That was excellent. But, if you attempt to use it on a device like an iPhone 3GS or a basic Android phone, it may be excruciatingly sluggish or simply unplayable (like my Nexus One).

For the typical user, it contains too many functions. Although Google Voice has been available for a while, its lack of widespread adoption among smartphone users is likely due to its sophisticated user interface and extensive feature set. The majority of individuals don’t want to deal with difficult menus or settings menus that are difficult to see on small displays to handle their voicemail and text messages.

Messenger (Android, iOS) & Messenger Lite (Android, iOS)

Messenger, which was developed from the Facebook chats function, offers several fantastic chatting options on your smartphone. You may communicate, call, and share with anybody you’ve connected to your Facebook account using Messenger. Moreover, you can now directly add new contacts using Messenger.

A wide range of supplementary chat features, such as enjoyable mini-games, polls, personalized group colors and themes, rooms that accommodate up to 50 people, and much more, are available in Messenger.

If you don’t like how memory-intensive Messenger may be, you can purchase Messenger Lite, a version with only the bare minimum of text and phone features.

Should You Use a Free Calling App?

While all of these applications provide free calls and messages, each app’s features vary. You should choose the program that best fits your needs, but we’d suggest Viber, Whatsapp, and Skype before Google Voice and any ad-supported options like Dingtone and TextMeUp.

Is Google Voice better for business or personal use?

Google Voice was not the best VoIP service for businesses overall when we compared it to other VoIP providers. Although it is reasonably priced, according to our research, offers the most secure VoIP software, and has good functionality for both business and personal use, it is lacking the sophisticated features and team-building tools (like toll-free numbers and integrated team messaging) necessary to be truly helpful to businesses and high volume international callers. We’d say it’s better for personal usage as a result.

FAQs on Apps like Google Phone

Is there an alternative to Google for Android phones?

On Android, there are a lot of Google substitutes. These solutions might help you get rid of Google’s extensive tracking and data harvesting.

The key factor motivating consumers to choose an alternative is that it protects their device’s privacy and personal data. Some don’t like Google’s privacy policies; therefore, they want to replace the search engine on their Android devices.

Is there a Google Phone app?

Via Wi-Fi and mobile data, you may make free calls using the Google Phone app. Without spending any of your mobile carrier’s minutes, you may call any number in the US and Canada, including landlines and mobiles.

You may unutilized phone number provided by the Google Phone app to take calls when connected to Wi-Fi or while using data. Like a standard phone number, it also enables you to use text messaging and voicemail.

Can you use the Google Phone app?

Without utilizing your cellular network, you may make calls and send messages using the Google Phone app. Depending on what is available, the software automatically transitions between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Conclusion on Apps like Google Phone

For those who enjoy using the phone, Google Phone is an excellent app. It has several capabilities, like text messaging and video calls, that make it simple to interact with friends and family.

Google Phone may be accessed primarily in one of two ways: either an app or a mobile browser. You’ll get a list of your contacts along with their statuses when you first log in. Every contact’s name may be tapped to view their profile picture and most recent status update.

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