A definitive Vaping Gift Guide Christmas 2022

As Christmas quickly approaches, a large number of us ponder our propensities and roll out certain improvements. Vaping innovation is being taken on by expanding quantities of smokers across the world. This brings up the issue, which gadget would it be a good idea for you to purchase for a progressing smoker, or veteran cake weed vape as a gift?

We’ve gathered this manual for assist you with making the right buy, so regardless of whether you’re not proficient about vaping yourself, you should rest assured that your giftee has the most ideal involvement in their new gadget.

For progressing smokers and new vapers

The people who are new to vaping, or as yet changing from smoking for the most part benefit from basic, reasonable vaping gadgets that can intently imitate the experience of a cigarette. Our entrance level gadgets have been among the most famous on the planet for north of a decade, so we could go on all day about making the first vaping experience an extraordinary one.


The Klypse is our least difficult and most reasonable section level vaping gadget. It highlights programmed initiation and wind current that is enhanced for most extreme character. The included attractive cap keeps the gadget liberated from trash when not being used, and makes a smooth, covert look. The effortlessness and smart plan of the Klypse make it ideal for new vapers who need a simple passage to vaping, without settling for less on execution or accommodation.

Endura Pinnacle

The Endura Zenith, as the name recommends, is a move forward from the T18X. It includes a bigger 1800mAh battery and a straightforward power dial, considering two degrees of force change. Also, the Endura Summit includes our all-new T20S network curl and exact wind stream control. This makes it an ideal first gadget for the people who need most extreme battery duration and might want to alter their vaping experience, without an excess of intricacy.

Endura T18X

The Endura series has been our top of the line scope of gadgets for quite some time. The Endura T18X is the passage highlight this line of gadgets. It has a customary “pen style” structure factor, obliging a huge 1000mAh inside battery that effectively gives the entire day vaping execution. The Endura tank has been explicitly intended to mirror the draw of a cigarette with its decent wind stream, creating incredible flavor and a fantastic throat hit.

The expansion of USB-C charging takes into account quicker accusing seasons of further developed dependability.

Go Z Pack

The Go Z Unit is the most reasonable method for attempting our Z-loop stage. It utilizes a basic plan, like the Endura T18X, but it houses a bigger 1500mAh interior battery to give longer run time. With a decent 13W power yield and completely movable wind stream, the Go Z gives a congenial degree of customization, while holding steady the entire day execution.

MVP Unit

The MVP Unit is our least difficult and most reasonable passage level vaping gadget. It highlights programmed and manual enactment, two degrees of movable power result and wind current that is streamlined to recreate the impression of a cigarette. These highlights make the MVP ideal for new vapers who need a simple passage to vaping, without settling on execution or fabricate quality.

For middle vapers

If the vaper in your life has somewhat more experience, all things considered, they’ve proactively attempted a couple of gadgets and are prepared to make the following stride with an updated set of elements and expanded flexibility. Our halfway gadgets offer unbelievable incentive for cash and unequaled execution inside their separate classes.

Staff 2

The Staff 2 is our interpretation of an exceptional case framework. Built from high-grade zinc composite, the Staff 2 is outfitted with a huge 1400mAh battery, two degrees of force change and exact wind current controls. The Staff 2 has been updated from the past model to take into account more straightforward wind stream change, quicker loop substitution and USB-C charging. In the event that you’re purchasing for somebody who favors a smooth gadget with an exceptional vibe, this is an extraordinary decision.


The GOZEE has been planned as the most vital move toward a genuine different disposable vape mod. The small lightweight casing makes it a helpful choice for more up to date vapers, however the gadget is as yet furnished with an enormous 2100mAh battery and completely movable power yield, up to 60W.

The GOZEE’s improved chipset implies new vapers can will grasps with power change, without stressing over further developed settings. The Included GO Z+ tank is viable with our full scope of Z-curls and takes into consideration a wide scope of wind current change. Each of this makes for an adaptable, lightweight gadget with the entire day execution.

Endura T22 Master

The Endura T22 Expert, as the name recommends, is a move forward from the T18 X. It includes a much bigger battery and four worked on degrees of force change. These highlights make the T22 Expert ideal for imtermediate vapers who need long battery duration and get a kick out of the chance to change power, without understanding elements like variable wattage.

Kroma Z

The Kroma Z is an “AIO” (across the board) gadget. This implies it consolidates the tank and battery segment into a helpful, minimized structure factor without forfeiting execution. The Kroma Z is viable with all our top rated Z-loops, permitting the client to radically change the vaping experience from a low-power MTL (mouth-to-lung) to a medium-power RDL (confined direct lung).

The extensive variety of curl decisions, combined with full wind stream control and customizable wattage causes the Kroma Z an unquestionably flexible gadget for transitional vapers who to figure out the fundamentals. The coordinated 3000mAh battery considers broadened run time, regardless of which curl is being used. This makes the Kroma Z ideal for vapers who are prepared to try different things with various styles and recognize which vaping experience turns out best for them.

For cutting edge vapers

High level vapers by and large prefer to calibrate their experience, and in this way need a gadget that gives them full control. Our high level gadgets are intended to be natural for novices, while giving every one of the degrees of customization that accomplished vapers request.

Coolfire Z60

The Coolfire Z60 is our most recent high level gadget, refining every one of our developments into a little and easy to understand bundle. Regardless of its little edge, the Z60 is furnished with a 2500mAh battery, movable enhancer to 60W and our industry-driving curl helping innovation. Coil+ and Invigorate modes permit you to broaden the life expectancy of loops easily, setting aside cash and upgrading flavor yield.

The included Zlide Top tank (viable with all Z-loops) highlights top wind stream, which wipes out spills and considers an amazingly smooth draw. If the vaper in your life likes minimized gadgets with every one of the most recent highlights, the Coolfire Z60 is a phenomenal choice.

Kroma 217

The Kroma 217 is a high level unit, joining the entirety of our imaginative innovation and specialist particulars into one gadget. Built from premium-grade zinc amalgam and extravagance completing accents, the Kroma 217 is viable with 21700, 20700 and 18650 outside batteries, so experienced vapers can take advantage of any cells they have recently bought.

The gadget highlights Coil+ and Revive usefulness, which permits clients to expand curl existence with our interesting rotating current innovation. With up to 100W of flexible power yield, the Kroma 217 can drive any atomiser available, regardless of how requesting.

The gadget is matched with the Z-force tank, which uses our fresh out of the box new ZF loop stage. The ZF curl stage is a first for the vaping business, highlighting DuoPrime wicking innovation, which emphatically supports the presentation and life expectancy of loops. Subsequently, the Z-Power tank can create surging billows of fume and clear flavor, for longer than driving contenders.

The Kroma 217 is the ideal gadget for any middle or progressed vaper who requests top tier execution and a full scope of usefulness.

Coolfire Z80

The Coolfire Z80 is the most developed Coolfire unit to date. Built from premium-grade zinc composite, with a conservative outside 18650 structure factor, the gadget is intended to offer greatest usefulness and execution, while staying as little as could be expected.

The gadget includes our full set-up of ACM (exchanging current mode) innovation, including Coil+, Invigorate and Fθ usefulness, which definitely further develops curl life and permits the client to tweak the recurrence of force result to improve flavor.

The Coolfire Z80 is matched with the Peak II tank, which is viable with all Z-curls and gives a full scope of movable wind stream, from tight MTL (mouth-to-lung) as far as possible up to RDL (confined direct lung) encounters.

With up to 80W of flexible power yield, the Coolfire Z80 can control practically any atomizer available, with industry-driving accuracy. The Coolfire Z80 is great for any halfway or progressed vaper who requires full customization, in a little bundle.

Sensis EZ

Like the Kroma Z, the Sensis EZ is an AIO (across the board) unit, however it contrasts in the degree of control and flexibility it gives.

The Sensis EZ highlights the full set-up of ACM innovation including Coil+, Invigorate and Fθ usefulness, which radically further develops loop life and permits the client to calibrate the recurrence of force result to improve flavor.

The incorporated case tank is viable with our full scope of S-curls, considering an extensive variety of vaping encounters, with completely customizable wind current for the ideal draw. On the off chance that the client would like to utilize another tank, the Sensis EZ gives an attractive 510 association, which obliges any 510 atomizer.

With up to 40W of customizable power yield and a huge 3000mAh underlying battery, the Sensis EZ is the ideal gadget for low-medium wattage vapers who wish to use the most recent vaping innovation in a minimized, smooth structure factor.

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